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                         Magnetostrictive Sensor





                        Features & Solutions


                          Magnetostrictive Displacement sensor apply the

                        principles of magnetostriction to create a reliable

                        position measurement system.

                          Non-contact measurement, long lifespan, available

                        for various environment; which apply widely in

                        petroleum, steel, chemicals, ports, machinery and

                        food industries, even in harsh working conditions. It

                        is the best selection of high precision displacement







                        Feature &Solutions

                          Capacitive oil sensor

                        * Can be arbitrarily cut off according to the height of the tank

                        * Explosion-proof integrated design, a variety of signal output can be customized

                        * Digital signal RS485&RS232 analog 0 ~ 5V,4 ~ 20Ma

                        * GPS real-time monitoring, can be used to monitor the oil level during the transportation of large tank trucks

                        * Test liquid type: diesel, kerosene, gasoline, water, etc

                        * Shell material: aluminum alloy or stainless steel






                        Features & Solutions


                        Proximity switches are the generic terms of non-contact sensors, replacing the traditional contact detection limit switch, which

                        could detect the moving information of objects, then transform

                        into electrical signals. Non-contact sensors are also able to

                        detect objects by trigger, which all named "proximity switch".

                        There are magnetic induction type, capacitance type, ultrasonic type, Hall type, widely used in position alarm in automation,

                        cylinder, Machine and Equipment , smart household appliance,

                        security alarm, industrial control etc.








                        Features & Solutions

                        Float level switch operate by dry reed switch principle,

                        hermetically sealed switch, long working life expectancy and

                        reliability, high repeatability technical characteristics. increase

                        safety in the harshest environments and toughest applications, Widely used in liquid level control, industry process control and

                        requested level security control etc.






                        *Sealed design, protected from electronic/radio frequency. * No power supply required, contact load 24VDC@3A. * There are normally open, normally closed, AC and DC, serial and parallel options. *Operating temperature range -40~204 degrees Celsius. * Intrinsically safe switch, complete explosion-proof certification

                        Us TOPWORX/GO SWITCH travel switch

                        * Sealed design, protected from electronics/RF.

                        * No power supply, contact load 24VDC@3A.

                        * There are normally open, normally closed, AC DC, serial parallel options.

                        * Operating temperature range -40~204 ℃.

                        * Intrinsically safe switch, complete explosion-proof certification


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